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Inside Cutting Room Music: Meet Adonis Tsilimparis

We recently sat down and had a chat with Katherine Beggs, the youngest member of the Cutting Room Music team, where we picked her brain and got to know what makes her tick as a musician. Now, we’re talking to Adonis Tsilimparis, co-founder of Cutting Room Music and a veteran in the music business. We […]

When Technology Paves the Road to Success: Animation Movies Made $51 Billion at the Box Office During the 2010s

The synergy between technology and art has paved the way for film directors and animators to tell compelling stories and breathe life into their creative work. Animation tools and film technology have evolved and reached new milestones over the course of the years, and thanks to these technological advancements, we get to enjoy Pixar, Disney, […]

The Difference Between a Score and a Soundtrack (Yes, There Is One)

While it is tempting to refer to “score” and “soundtrack” interchangeably, they are technically quite different. Scoring — an art form that some of us first learned in 2020 also applies to sourdough — refers to the original music that accompanies a film, whereas a soundtrack is generally used to refer to the selection of […]

Inside Cutting Room Music: Getting to Know Katherine Beggs

Don’t be fooled by the success experienced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross: successful music composer duos that stand the test of time are rare. Music composer trios are even more of a rare breed, and this is one of the things that make Cutting Room Music stand out. We want to learn more about […]


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