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Composer Q&A: Getting to Know Nathalie Bonin

Cutting Room Music recently kickstarted a new series of interviews with female composers and artists who are making an impact on the music industry today. Our first guest, Militia Vox, spoke to us in-depth about her background, her passions, and where she thinks the industry is headed next. This week, we picked the brain of […]

Composer Q&A: Getting to Know Militia Vox

We recently announced that Cutting Room Music would be kicking off a series of Q&As with female composers who are making a difference in the music industry today. It’s time to officially start the series and get to know our first artist, Militia Vox. Militia Vox is a one-of-a-kind artist whose skill goes way beyond […]

Cutting Room Music to Launch Series of Q&As with Female Composers

The world of music composers and producers has been traditionally male-dominated, like so many other industries. Although there is immense talent out there, female composers are often overshadowed by the big-name male composers that are already well-known in the industry. Think Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, or Alexandre Desplat. Interesting fact: […]

Six Actors Who Went Above and Beyond To Learn an Instrument for Their Role

Envisioning the music that will play key elements in a movie is no small feat for writers, producers, directors and composers. Composing a score for a feature-length film, as well as assembling artists and musicians for an original soundtrack requires a lot of coordination, planning and experience. When “live” music also plays a key role […]

Our Round-Up of the 8 Best Video Game Scores of All Time

In one of our recent blog posts, we talked about the process of writing music for video games with Mark Roos and Tom Salta, and explored key elements of video game music production. While discussing the sheer amount of work that goes into these projects, and how technology helped push boundaries for this medium, we […]

Inside Cutting Room Music: Meet Mark Roos

After chatting about all things music with Katherine Beggs and Adonis Tsilimparis, it’s now Mark Roos’ turn. The third creative mind behind Cutting Room Music, Mark has a long and busy career in the music industry. An award-winning composer, Mark Roos is a true veteran in the business, and has worked on some major projects […]

CuttingRoomMusic’s Katherine Beggs Delivers Heartfelt Musical Project to Support Miracle Activation Center’s Mission

The past year has been nothing short of intense, as the Covid19 pandemic took the world by storm and forced everyone to rethink the way they live, work, and play. Regardless of background, location, or industry, everyone’s been trying their best to contribute to the recovery process. CuttingRoomMusic tries to bring joy and excitement to […]

The Process of Writing Music for Video Games, with Tom Salta and Mark Roos

Video games are arguably among the most creative mediums that can offer deep levels of immersion when it comes to entertainment. Gameplay, story mechanics, and graphics work together harmoniously to bring us captivating moments, however, the experience wouldn’t be complete without the addition of original music and compositions. Tom Salta, a true veteran of video […]

Music Composers Wanted. Everywhere.

Is music a stable job? Let’s put it this way: music is a stable need. If you feel the urge to create music, be sure there are music-hungry creatures all around you that yearn to meet it, be it in film, in video games, on the radio, intertwined with the narration of an audiobook, or a tune to which their mind can turn for refuge during an awkwardly long elevator ride. Music is needed everywhere, all the time. The bigger, the faster, and the noisier our world grows outside, the more we need music to temper our worlds inside.


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