Rachel Barcellona, Breydon Beggs Joined Forces This Fall for Autism Awareness Concert in Pasadena

Los Angeles—Rachel Barcellona, a model, author, singer, actress, and autism advocate based on the East Coast joined artist and musician Breydon Beggs in Pasadena on October 23rd, 2021, for a very special music event. 

The Ability Beyond Disabilities Autism Awareness Concert took place in an intimate setting at Noor Events in Pasadena on Saturday, October 23rd. Breydon Beggs partnered with Rachel Barcellona’s Ability Beyond Disabilities non-profit to create a special and free event dedicated to raising autism awareness. 

The concert proved to be a success, and Rachel Barcellona and Breydon Beggs took the stage in front of a full crowd, accompanied by established musicians such as Mark Roos, Mark Robertson and Myles Quinn. Attendees enjoyed a music-filled evening and donated to the Ability Beyond Disabilities non-profit. 

“Collaborating with Rachel Barcellona, Miles Quinn, Mark Roos and the wildly talented musicians who brought the “Ability Beyond Disabilities Concert” to life has been a true privilege,” said Breydon Beggs following the concert. 

“The Ability Beyond Disabilities concert was AMAZING!,” added Rachel Barcellona. “I am so thankful to have been a part of it and help others with autism like myself. I am humbled to work with such a talented group of artists! Thank you to the Beggs family for your generosity and support!”

The Ability Beyond Disabilities organization, created by Rachel Barcellona, aims to provide individuals with disabilities and their families with the therapies and resources they need to improve their quality of life and find new opportunities. The purpose of the organization is to help these individuals and their families become more independent and achieve their personal and professional goals. Saturday’s concert emphasized the importance of awareness and inclusion and aimed to show that individuals with disabilities can overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. 

“The drive of these young musicians to create a better world for everyone is astounding,” said Mark Roos of Cutting Room Music. “Everyone who attended was blown away by their talent, kindness and desire to contribute. Most importantly, everyone who attended left the concert better than when they arrived.”

“Hearing the fruits of our collective labor in one room was mind-blowing,” added musician Myles Quinn. “I found myself on more than one occasion having to reel the excitement in to avoid going out of tempo. The work we were doing was more than just impactful to the audience in the room, but impactful in ways that extended beyond the stage, and that was really what got me excited about working with Breydon and Rachel on this.”

Musician coordinator and violinist Mark Robertson said after the concert, “What a great honor to perform with such talented performers! Rachel, Breydon and Myles not only were stellar with their playing, but also engaged the crowd with their wit and charm.”

About Rachel Barcellona and Ability Beyond Disabilities

Rachel Barcellona is an established author, singer, actress, model, and autism spokesperson. She serves as a board member for C.A.R.D. USF, Unicorn Children’s Foundation, Dyspraxia Foundation USA, and Els for Autism Center of Excellence, among others. Rachel Barcellona created the Ability Beyond Disabilities non-profit organization to help and support individuals with autism and other related disabilities overcome challenges and find opportunities. The non-profit also aims to raise awareness, educate people on what these disabilities entail, and eliminate the stigma surrounding disability. 


About Breydon Beggs

Breydon Beggs is an emerging artist based in Los Angeles and a talented guitarist, pianist, composer, and remixer, who enjoys putting his talents to good use, for a good cause. Currently a student at Pasadena Polytechnic School, Beggs is preparing for the next phase of his music career by taking liberal arts classes at Brown University and music intensives at Carnegie-Mellon University and The Berklee College of Music. He’s also working on furthering his skills by working alongside Mark Roos of Cutting Room Music regularly. We also interviewed him recently on this event and his future plans as a musician.

Beggs found himself in the spotlight following his high-profile remixes of Billie Eilish’s Ocean Eyes and Maisie Peter’s Adore You. He put this newfound popularity to good use, by providing Los Angeles-based non-profits with original scores for educational/promotional videos, and by supporting causes and organizations such as Ability Beyond Disabilities. 


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