“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time” – Leonard Bernstein.

We live to connect the directors to the actors, the actors to the scenes and the audience to the dreams they have within themselves.From feature films and documentaries to commercials and video games, Mark, Adonis and Katherine work with directors to compose original music that brings their vision to life and connects with their viewers in a memorable way.
At Cutting Room Music, we’re well aware of how music can bring people together, especially during tough times. During the pandemic, we’ve learned to appreciate the power of music even more, and witnessed firsthand how it can connect us to each other, even from afar. 

During the past months, we’ve tried to contribute in whichever way we can to help people overcome these tough times with the help of music. Katherine Beggs of Cutting Room Music took the time to write and sing ‘Wake Up and See the Light,’ a special project created for Miracle Activation Center. The song was inspired by the events of 2020 – 2021, including the Covid19 response and the Black Lives Matter protests. The idea behind the song was to show how, even during dark times, people come together to help one another, thus creating beautiful moments and bringing light into the darkness. 

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Your project matters. We offer original music, custom scoring and sound design that is tailor made specifically for your project, connecting your audience with your message in a powerful way.

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