CuttingRoomMusic’s Katherine Beggs Delivers Heartfelt Musical Project to Support Miracle Activation Center’s Mission

The past year has been nothing short of intense, as the Covid19 pandemic took the world by storm and forced everyone to rethink the way they live, work, and play. Regardless of background, location, or industry, everyone’s been trying their best to contribute to the recovery process. CuttingRoomMusic tries to bring joy and excitement to people’s lives in their own little way, through music.

That’s exactly what CuttingRoomMusic team member Katherine Beggs set out to do when she started working on a musical project for Miracle Activation Center. Miracle Activation Center is a California-based company that focuses on mental health, wellness and spirituality, counseling, life coaching, and more. Their mission is to help people get over difficult times in their lives, and improve themselves, both personally and professionally, so that they can become the best and healthiest version of themselves. 

During these trying times, the team at Miracle Activation Center wanted to bring a tribute to all the people who’ve been working hard to get the world through the pandemic. Founder and Executive Director Larendee Roos collaborates with Earl Purdy, a metaphysical and spiritual teacher, in a series called Conversations for Connection. One of their episodes, What Love Can Do, focused on how to bring healing to centuries of fear that manifests into hatred, anger, and harm. They commissioned Cutting Room Music team member Katherine Beggs, who wrote, composed, and sang the song that has become a theme for their work. They also engaged Larendee’s son, Warren Roos, to create the video. 

“There is power and true transformation can occur by meeting needs in simple ways, one human, one encounter at a time. We want people to know that they can bring hope, light, and love to every person and situation they encounter through simple acts of kindness,” said Larendee Roos of Miracle Activation Center.

“At a time when we are all asking what can be done, Earl asked the question, ‘I wonder what love can do?’ That question became the foundation and inspiration for the project. We specifically chose to collaborate with young adults to demonstrate the power of cross-generational collaboration. The song, ‘Wake Up and See the Light,’ together with the video, is a call to remember that the truth and the answers we need for any problem we face reside within each of us. No one has a monopoly on truth or change. We are all needed. This was a tribute to all the people who remember their true identity-powerful creators of change and transformation who demonstrate love and kindness everyday.”

My song is really supposed to be about healing and recovery, both collectively and individually after this dark year. It is a reminder that even in the darkest times, there is still hope, love, and light,” said Katherine Beggs, writer and performer of Wake Up and See the Light.  

“Katherine’s song captures the emotional feelings of such turbulent times, pointing to the hope, inclusion and humanity that is in all of us,” added Mark Roos, co-founder of Cutting Room Music. 

The team at Miracle Activation Center has been working tirelessly throughout the past year to deliver physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental health support to people from all walks of life. Cutting Room Music wanted to show their support and respect for this meaningful work through music. 

Enjoy the song and video by clicking the link below:

About Miracle Activation Center

Miracle Activation Center is a California-based company focused on delivering best-in-class counseling, mental health, and personal development services. They specialize in holistic Self-discovery,  executive & ministerial support, and wellness. They also offer strategic intervention and team building workshops, and retreats through self-guided education and counseling.

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